Monday, September 6, 2010

Case Shiller Composite 10 Index Futures

Cash Shiller Home Index has futures just like the S&P 500.  According to the futures the index for the 10 metro areas is expected to be flat, basically stay at the same value until 2014.  So, I think it's a little interesting that Karl Case says it's a great time to buy.  Didn't he look up the futures on this own index?

I pasted the index here just in case I got it and some one could correct me.

Index is here

Also here is his op ed piece is the NY Times


  1. What's with this sc2 , I think his job is a professional poster

    He's either paid by the OC register , government or the NAR

    Or just maybe a severly underwater home owner

  2. Good guess , I'm a severly underwater homeowner ,unemployed and just lost my extended benefits , I been sitting in a house too which I haven't made a payment in 18 months...
    but my Mom says I can rent a room in the basement
    I love my mom ,her heart is almost as big as mine !