Thursday, September 30, 2010

This has to be the lousiest picture of a house taken by a Realtor

There are actually two pictures

Look at the picture
  • The agent didn't bother to get car
  • The window isn't even rolled down
  • There is a glare off the window making the picture
  • The camera is titled to one side
  • The garage door is open
  • There is a shadow going across the front of the house making it look dull
  • The whole house isn't even in the picture.

Here is the Second Picture

And look at his picture I just see a view of the front wall.  Plus you can see the inside of the car door when the agent took the picture.

In this slow economy you need every advantage available to market your house.  This picture on the Internet might be your first impression for your potential buyer, so why can't you take a few minutes to get out of the car.  Are you so busy as agent that you can't spare the time?  Here's the link from Redfin.

Then I decide to look up the website to broker's office.  This might be just a bad listing in a good office.  Well, it was free website from yahoo full of grammatical errors.  Plus it had the editing tips from yahoo pasted on the website.  Not very professional at all.

Click here to look at the website

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