Monday, October 18, 2010

Arrested Foreclosure Lawyer: ‘We Weren’t Trespassing’

This is a follow on article were previous homeowners are breaking into their old houses.  But according to most legal experts they don't have a case.
Mr. Pines was arrested Wednesday as he helped Rene Zepeda, 72, break back into his foreclosed home in Newport Beach, Calif. Mr. Pines said he was charged with trespassing and vandalism; he thinks the bail was $20,000. (See a photo slideshow of the event.)
“Some of the great people in this county, the world, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, had to get arrested,” he tells Developments. “I just felt that I had to stand up for my clients.”
Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King? Really? That's irresponsible statement.
Earlier this week, we wrote about how Mr. Pines helped another family take back their home. In this case, Jim and Danielle Earl used a locksmith to get back into the six-bedroom house they once called home. They fell behind on their mortgage and, at the time of their eviction, they owed about $880,000 on the mortgage. An investor purchased the house at a trustee sale. The Earls maintain the home is theirs.
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