Monday, December 6, 2010

Value Sinking Fastest on Homes Priced Low to Start

Most of the lower income homeowners purchased a different type of mortgage product.  The higher income homes have historically also decreased also.
The S.&P./Case-Shiller indexes released this week showed widespread declines in home prices in the third quarter of this year as the market suffered from the removal of temporary tax credits that had led to a small rally in home prices earlier in the year. No region had lost more than 5 percent in a quarter since mid-2009, but that happened to Phoenix in the third quarter.
For 16 major regional areas, S.& P. publishes separate indexes for the top, middle and bottom thirds of homes in the area, as measured by price. Those figures show that from the beginning of the decade through each area’s peak, prices of lower-value homes rose faster than either of the other groups in each of the markets except one, Denver, where the rises were virtually identical for all groups.
The latest figures show that prices of lower-cost homes have fallen further from the peak in each of the 16 areas.
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