Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One of five homeowners having difficulty paying the mortgage

This article confirms some of the reports that shadow inventory could be as high as 4.5 million homes.
At this time last year 24 percent of those with mortgages thought they were under water, three points higher than the number now.
Other highlights:
• Two thirds (66 percent) of all adults have mortgages on their homes, slightly lower than last year's 69 percent.
• While most homeowners with mortgages (73 percent) are having little or no difficulty making their mortgage payments, the 22 percent who are having difficulty represent about 32 million people. And the 7 percent having a great deal of difficulty represent more than 11 million people.
• Those who believe their homes are worth less than the money they owe on their mortgages (21 percent of all those with mortgages) include 8 percent who say their homes are worth "a lot less." However theses numbers are somewhat lower than they were a year ago (24 percent and 11 percent).
• Most adults (62 percent), whether or not they are homeowners with mortgages, are at least somewhat concerned that their family's income will not be enough to cover all their costs and expenses this year. This number is also very slightly lower than it was last year (65 percent).

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