Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California to suffer housing shift, UCLA forecasters say

Please Note: UCLA has been very wrong in the past.  That's why they don't reprint their past prognostications.
The state's population is also skewing younger, meaning there will be more demand for urban rental units and less demand for suburban cul-de-sacs, according to the quarterly economic forecast released Wednesday by UCLA's Anderson School of Business.
"The incremental demand for housing is moving more into multifamily housing," said Jerry Nickelsburg, senior economist with the forecast. "Many of the younger generation have been buffeted by the boom and bust in the housing market, and see value in living closer to work."
That's bad news for the state economy, however, for two reasons. One is that construction of multifamily homes requires less labor than construction of single-family homes. Second, areas such as the Inland Empire and Central Valley that were hit hardest by the housing bust won't get a construction boom to help pull them out of the economic doldrums.
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