Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keep Your Home California adds 12 mortgage servicers

I don't know too much about this program.  I also don't know how affective this program is.  There have been a lot of programs come and go.
are now 20 mortgage servicers that participate in the Keep Your Home California program, enacted in February.
The California Housing Finance Agency said Tuesday the number of servicers engaged in this program grew to 20 from eight four months ago. These 20 banks service about 80% of the mortgages held in California, the agency said.
"Increasing the number of participating servicers is critical because we need their partnership to assist families in California," said Claudia Cappio, executive director of CalHFA. "We are pleased that more servicers are joining this effort and encourage others to partner with us to aid families who would like to remain in their homes
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