Friday, October 14, 2011

Analysis: New wave of foreclosures to push prices lower

I would the say the inevitable increase in mortgage rates also.
And a fresh drop in home prices is likely to result. 
Banks have stepped up the pace of home seizures after a year-long slowdown brought on by the "robo-signing" scandal in which banks were accused of seizing properties without a proper review of loan documents.
The number of foreclosure filings -- which include default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions -- edged up 0.3 percent in the third quarter, reversing a trend of three straight quarterly declines, according to real estate data firm RealtyTrac.
Look for more activity in 2012
RealtyTrac warns that as many as 1 million foreclosure actions that would have taken place this year will be pushed into 2012. 
The firm also says they do no expect to see home price appreciation until the housing market works through the backlog of distressed assets, and the overall malaise in the sector could continue for the next three to four years.
"Banks are beginning to process foreclosures again after taking the time to get their paperwork in order. They've done the diligence they needed to do," said RealtyTrac chief executive James Saccacio. "Now there's this wave coming back in and more defaults are being processed."
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